Russian office business process assessment


SCHNEIDER GROUP’s suggestions for improvements in procurement, sales, HR, currency and financial control processes have helped employees save time and achieve a faster turnaround time for orders.


International manufacturer of agricultural, forestry and road construction machinery with factories in Europe, India and North America. The company produces highly reliable machines.

The challengeThe solutionThe result

The challenge

After 15 years in Russia the corporate standards and procedures that contributed greatly to local success had become outdated. Despite significantly increasing its workforce, the company had not seen necessary productivity gains. International management was dissatisfied with the day-to-day operations of the Russian unit.

The solution

SCHNEIDER GROUP audited procurement and sales practices, HR and payroll management, and foreign exchange and financial controls to find the causes of inefficiencies. Our consultants combed through existing documents and regulations and conducted interviews with key personnel involved in the processes.
The findings of the report showed gaps in management-to-employee communications that resulted in redundant activities as well as unsatisfactory control over key implementation phases.

The result

The proposed changes, which include additional automation, have saved the employees involved in the processes more than 50% of their time. In addition, the use of electronic document exchange for invoicing has increased order processing speed and customer service quality.

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