1C Add-ons & customisation

SCHNEIDER GROUP has developed a range of add-ons for various 1C products that allow routine accounting operations to be automated. This significantly reduces staff time and frees up resources for more important tasks. Add-ons are available as a bundle or separately, depending on your needs.

With these add-ons, financial comptrollers and managers can access the financial information they need by running reports with a single click. This automation of manual processes relieves accountants and HR specialists of routine tasks.

  • We will advise you on the most suitable add-on options, taking your business needs and existing 1C solutions into consideration.
  • We will inte grate these add-ons with your existing 1C configuration.
  • We offer comprehensive system and user support to ensure the add-ons are working optimally for your business.
  • If required, we will develop new add-ons tailored to your needs.

What you get

Display a complete overview for any accounting period on a single page, with just one click. This report can be used by financial controllers or managers, and/or be submitted to the parent company. It includes a balance sheet, profit and loss statement, income tax, VAT and property tax. The report can be generated in either Russian, English, or German and is available for 1C: Accounting, Corporate Edition (3.0) and 1C: Complex Automation (2.4).
This add-on automatically emails pay slips to employees. Launch the mass mail-out in just a few clicks to send each employee a PDF pay slip, with confidential salary information securely protected by an individual password. All processes are automated, eliminating the possibility of mailing out the wrong pay slip by mistake. Available for 1C: Payroll and HR Management, Corporate Edition (3.1).
This add-on is very useful for companies engaged in import activities, saving resources and minimising the possibility of human error due to manual data entry. Parameters for uploading goods declarations are configured individually for each customer. This add-on is available for 1C: Accounting, Corporate Edition (3.0) and 1C: Complex Automation (2.4).
This report add-on locates missing ‘closing’ documents for payments to suppliers that indicate a transaction has been completed. The report is generated for the selected period (e.g. the previous month or quarter) and displays data on the vendor, the reason for payment, and the vendor’s tax ID and legal address. This optimises the work of the accountant in the Suppliers department and gives the chief accountant a handy tool for day-to-day control. Available for 1C: Accounting, Corporate Edition (3.0).
This add-on enables your chief accountant, internal controller or auditor to evaluate the quality of book-keeping and tax accounting in 1C. Discover any mistakes, determine how well control procedures have worked and generate a complete set of accounting books and documents at the close of each month or quarter with one click.
We can develop additional customisations and automation add-ons to meet your needs. Together with Internal Controls department, we will assess the efficiency of your existing business processes and identify opportunities for increasing efficiency through additional automation. We will develop, configure and thoroughly test the required add-ons and fully support the system and your users.
Julia Cherenkova
Finance & Accounting Director
Julia joined the company in 2007 as accounting assistant and has worked her way up to the position of finance & accounting director, leading a team of 25 accountants. She supervises internal projects on development of add-ons for 1C systems to automate routine accounting tasks and operations. Julia is a regular trainer at SCHNEIDER GROUP’s internal Starsacademy, conducting workshops for accountants and the author of internal standards for preparation of management reporting and transformation of reporting according to Russian accounting standards (RAS) into management reporting according to customer’s requirements.  Julia graduated with an honours degree in Accounting, Analysis and Audit from the Academy of Budget and Treasury of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation (merged with Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation in 2012) and holds a diploma in International Financial Reporting from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) in Russian (DipIFR (Rus)).
Nikolay Golaydo
1C Architect, Belarus
Nikolay joined the company’s Minsk office in 2014 as senior programmer. He is now holding the position of 1C architect.  Nikolay specialises in design and support of information systems based on the Russian 1C platform: analysis of the requirements to the information system, design, IT architecture setup and performance optimisation (servers, database management systems, exchange interfaces with other information systems), setup of distributed databases / data exchange interfaces, configuration of data exchange mechanisms. He is responsible for diagnostics and analysis of technical issues during 1C implementation projects, program code and information system performance optimisation.  Nikolay has deep knowledge n accounting, tax, and payroll calculation. He has over 12 years of professional experience. He earned a degree in Automated Data Processing Systems from the Belarusian-Russian University (Mogilev).
Automotive components manufacturer
Accounting switch to 1C:ERP
We migrated the customer's accounts to 1C:ERP and added two enhancements: one that enables detailed analysis of deviations in component prices used in finished product manufacturing, and another that enables analysis of deviations in the cost of finished goods.

Why Schneider group

Many companies that use SCHNEIDER GROUP's accounting support services also take advantage of our in-house developed automation add-ons, which have been thoroughly proven and stress-tested.
Our add-ons can be implemented either as part of a package or individually, depending on your requirements. If required, default add-ons can be adapted to other 1C versions or types of solutions used in your business.
Because we specialise in accounting outsourcing, we make it a rule to monitor HR, accounting, and tax reporting legislation changes and immediately adapt add-ons to reflect these changes.
Upon request, we provide full technical support and maintenance for 1C / SAP and any associated add-ons, along with full Service Desk support and system training for your users.