Audit of risks during accounting transfer from Russia to Poland

Industry:Professional services


An international logistics company specialising in transporting food for large restaurant chains.

The challengeThe solutionThe result

The challenge

To optimise its internal processes, the customer planned a partial transfer of accounting from Russia to a shared service centre in Poland. They needed to assess risks arising in such a transfer, including those related to Russian (152-FZ) and European (GDPR) legislation on personal data protection, as well as risks of tax, currency and labour law violations.

The solution

SCHNEIDER GROUP consultants analysed the risks arising from the cross-border transfer of personal data and third-party access to it (due to the use of a shared service centre, allocated to a separate company). We also identified risks associated with changes to financial department processes and the transfer of accounting under Russian standards to specialists not sufficiently familiar with Russian law.

The result

The analysis resulted in a report outlining potential risks and weaknesses in processes, documentation and control procedures. Recommendations were developed to restructure the company's internal policies and approval matrices and also make changes to document flows. Despite the transfer of accounting to another country, ultimate responsibility for accounting still lay with the chief accountant and the General Director was still responsible for overall compliance. Accordingly, SCHNEIDER GROUP prepared an additional report at the customer’s request describing the personal risks of the company's officials resulting from planned changes in the work of the finance department.

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