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Tax Reform in the Russian Federation
From 2025, businesses will face an increase in income tax from 20% to 25% and changes to taxes for certain branches. Further notable changes include, among other things, the introduction of a five-stage progressive personal income tax scale and implementation of VAT for a segment of small businesses.
Crypto Regulation Bill: Objectives and Perspectives
The Armenian Cryptocurrency Regulation Bill aims to ensure customer protection, prevent illegal activity and encourage innovation.
Introduction of SAFE Agreements Into the Laws of the Republic of Armenia
Armenia has adopted a law allowing investment in startups through SAFE agreements in exchange for future shares.
Online Event
Ban on foreign ERP in Russia: Second Wave of Sanctions
During our Online Event, SCHNEIDER GROUP experts will provide insights into compliant software solutions and guide you through the necessary steps to migrate your operations to Russian-made software.
Business Meetup
Unlock Your Business Growth in Eurasia
Serbia is developing into an increasingly important strategic trading partner for the EU, China and Russia as an economic driver, nearshoring market and regional hub in the Western Balkans. Join our Business Meeting in Belgrade and gain in-depth market insights for the Eurasian region from leading international experts.
Crisis Communication and Business Resilience: Strategies for Operating on the Russian Market
The current economic and geopolitical situation has triggered significant changes in the corporate structures of many companies, as well as to restructuring of core business processes, supply chains and cash flow routes.

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